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Trytten Family Alaska Wilderness Farms

A summer evening view from the farm

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We are hiring to fill the position of Artisan Farmstead Cheese Maker.


The Trytten Dairy Farm is a family-run farm that wants to survive and thrive as a family farm in this commodity-driven market by establishing a cheese processing and value-added dairy plant at our farm in Pt. Mackenzie, Alaska. This start-up business will produce high quality, artisan and other types of cheese. We need a responsible, creative, dedicated individual with experience producing from quickly produced soft cheeses and cheese curds, to mild cheese types, all the way to artisan and hard types of cheese. Must be very self-motivated and proud to create a high quality product that is “uniquely Alaskan.”


We have about 100 milking cows that are grass-fed, mixed breed, hormone-free, are given antibiotics only when sick, and are pasture raised. We are 4th generation dairy farmers, and our 20 and 26-year old children are the 5th generation who are active in the business. We will sell natural dairy products directly to Anchorage consumers, tourists, and grocery stores. We will capitalize on our sweet grasses, natural setting, deep knowledge of dairy farming and understanding of the market trend toward natural, locally grown food. We will serve a large and eager upscale market that's hungry for a locally produced natural dairy alternative. Please note: this job and the plant are contingent on getting a USDA grant. We should know if we win the award by April 5, 2007.


Position Requirements:

This position will be the lead production person, responsible for producing 500 - 1,000 lbs. of cheese every other day, and other dairy products such as butter, ice cream base, kefir, yogurt, and cream-top pasteurized non-homogenized milk in quart and half-gallon jugs. Cheese varieties will include natural family cheeses such as raw milk aged cheddar, cheddar, curds, swiss, jack, mozarella. The applicant will also produce artisan cheese varieties including flavored, smoked, skim milk and specialty cheeses. In addition to cheeses, the successful applicant will have experience producing other dairy products, such as sweet cream butter, yogurt, cream-top milk in jugs, and other products. You will work with a highly skilled sales manager who is also trained in cheesemaking and stainless steel equipment. You also may have an assistant or two.


Processing will begin with one farm’s milk, up to 5,000 lbs. daily in summer. As the market grows we will buy milk from other farms.



Must have a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in cheesemaking, and must have been in a lead position of designing cheeses for at least one year. Three types of personally made cheeses are requested for sampling during interview process. Demonstrated experience in producing a high quality tasty product based on local water, climate, grass-fed cows, and other variables. Must be good with aging processes, and good with flavored cheeses. Must have experience in producing specialty cheeses that commands a high price and are accepted by a relatively sophisticated market. Must have cheese samples we can try.


Plant will be located in a farmstead environment in rural Alaska, about one mile from a convenience store, 32 miles from Wasilla/Palmer (pop. 40,000) and 75 miles from Anchorage (pop. 260,000). Local population is very sparse, however, traffic is steady with recreation users (mostly boating, fishing and snowmobiling).


It is anticipated that the workload will be heavier in the summer when cows are on pasture, and lighter in the winter. May even allow up to 1 month off in winter (negotiable).



Quality cheese with a good flavor is essential for our success. We will pay well for the right person, up to $50,000+ per year including benefits, based on experience. Final three applicants may be brought to Alaska for interview. AWF will purchase the plane tickets, and room and board may be made available if necessary. All other expenses will be the responsibility of the applicant.


How to Apply:

Email your resume with 3 references to, or fax it to (907) 373-1043.



Thank you for visiting and considering the position of Artisan Cheesemaker.

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